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History of District 20 - Sons of Pericles

Sons of Pericles
District 20
Sons of Pericles
District 20
Sons of Pericles
District 20
Chapter Officers

[Blue Dot] 1992-1993
Sam Tzathas
[Blue Dot] 1991-1992
Greg Mallis  
[Blue Dot] 1990-1991
Dean Tripodes  
[Blue Dot] 1989-1990
Dean Phillips (Supreme Treasurer)  
[Blue Dot] 1988-1989
John Stylianides  
[Blue Dot] 1987-1988
John Martin  
[Blue Dot] 1986-1987
John Martin  
[Blue Dot] ---
[Blue Dot] 1982-1983
John Stylianides  
[Blue Dot] 1981-1982
William Vasilion  
[Blue Dot] 1980-1981
Peter Bissias (1983-1984 Supreme Vice President)  
[Blue Dot] 1979-1980
Jim Xanthos  
[Blue Dot] 1978-1979
Jim Xanthos  
[Blue Dot] 1977-1978
Steve Pastis (Supreme Governor)  
[Blue Dot] 1976-1977
Tom Diamantides  
[Blue Dot] 1975-1976
E. Nick Stiny  
[Blue Dot] 1974-1975
Steve Pastis (Supreme Governor)  
[Blue Dot] 1973-1974
Greg Kyritsis  
[Blue Dot] 1972-1973
Nick Thanos  
[Blue Dot] 1971-1972
Nick Anas  
[Blue Dot] 1970-1971
Chris Pritsos  
[Blue Dot] 1969-1970
John Mavredakis / Chris Pritsos  
[Blue Dot] 1968-1969
Leon Stavrou / George Glaros  
[Blue Dot] 1967-1968
George Glaros  
[Blue Dot] 1966-1967
Dan Mortensen  
[Blue Dot] 1965-1966
Jim Platis  
[Blue Dot] 1964-1965
Peter L. Tripodes  
[Blue Dot] 1963-1964
Peter J. Tripodes (Supreme Governor)  
[Blue Dot] ---
[Blue Dot] 1940-1941
George Marantos  
[Blue Dot] 1939-1940
Pete Brotsis  
[Blue Dot] 1938-1939
Jim Stamatis  
[Blue Dot] 1937-1938
Pete Peterson  

World War II knocked out Sons District Lodges and they didn't return until the early 1960s. The Los Angeles Sons, with Jim Angelos, were strong in the late 1950s.

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